Skilla ry connects highly educated administration and office experts across professional and industry boundaries. Many of our members work in the following positions requiring solid expertise:

  • As executive or management assistants or secretaries
  • As assistants
  • In expert and managerial positions in organizational support services
  • In HR, sales and marketing positions

We support you in the ups and downs of working life. In challenging situations, we advise and support you. As a member, you get to train and network with your colleagues.

Skilla members belong to the trade union Akava Special Branches (Akavan Erityisalat / AE). Akava Special Branches provides our members legal advice and help in other matters. Membership in Erko (Unemployment Fund for Higher Educated Employees) is included in the membership fee.

Kiinnostuitko jäsenyydestä?

Liittymällä jäseneksi saat käyttöösi kaikki tarjoamme palvelut ja edut sekä pääset osaksi mahtavaa kollegaverkostoa!