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Skilla's student membership fees changed on 1st Jan 2021.

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Skilla is a trade and alumni union for highly educated admin and office experts. Skilla ry on ammatti- ja alumnijärjestö hallinnon ja toimistotyön korkeasti koulutetuille asiantuntijoille.

As a trade union, we help you if you with problems and other matters related to your working life, as well as provide unemployment insurance and other membership benefits. As an alumni organisation, we organise events where you can meet your old schoolmates * even after your studies.

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How to fill the membership application

  1. Fill in your contact details.
  2. In Becoming a Member, choose Skilla as your member organisation.
  3. Erko Unemployment Fund: Please note that our Student Pro membership includes the unemployment fund and costs €96/year, whereas our Student Basic membership (€10/year) does not include the fund. Read more on membership fees below.
  4. Please remember to keep your member info up to date and update your status when you graduate as we won’t receive the information otherwise!

As a Skilla member, you’ll get…


To any questions you may have regarding working life, internships or summer jobs.

Personal help and advice

On applying for jobs, salaries, and terms and conditions of employment as well as practical matters – you can e.g. check your contract with Akava Special Branches' lawyers before signing it.

Training and events

Which add value to both your professional and personal development or are refreshing and wonderful otherwise.


Through us, you'll meet alumni and people with experience in the industry, from whom you'll get tips worth their weight in gold on hidden jobs as well as industry practices and tacit knowledge.

Insurance and purchase benefits

Our membership includes e.g. travel and leisure accident insurance, discounts on other insurances, Member+ purchase benefit service, discounts on petrol and loans, and much more.


We know what the workday of admin and office experts, assistants and secretaries consists of, and we promote your interests in society and at negotiating tables.

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Member benefits

Skilla awards a stipend twice a year to graduating student members.

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Membership fee

As of 2021, there are two student membership types:

  • Student Pro (€96 / year), includes unemployment fund
  • Student Basic (€10 / year), does not include unemployment fund

As a member of the Erko Unemployment Insurance Fund (Student Pro), you may be entitled to earnings-related unemployment allowance if you cannot find a job immediately after graduation or become unemployed or are laid off later. Earnings-related daily allowance is higher than Kela’s daily allowance.

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*Most of our members have graduated from Haaga-Helia’s ASSI, MUBBA, LIIDI and SEBBA degree programs and the previous Helsinki Secretarial College. Our membership is open to all current and future experts in administration and office work, regardless of educational background.