Member benefits

As a Skilla and Akava Special Branches member, you're entitled to fantastic member benefits for both work and leisure.

Support and security throughout your working life

Legal consultation

Our lawyers and experts provide personal support and help with employment contracts and problems related to your employment.

Salary counselling

Our salary surveys and minimum salary recommendations help you when applying for a job or negotiating a raise.

Unemployment benefit

As a Skilla and Akava Special Branches member you also belong in the Erko Unemployment Fund* and may be entitled to earnings-related unemployment allowance.

Career coaching and job postings

Our members have the opportunity to receive expert career coaching for job seeking and career planning, as well as other career services. We at Skilla post admin and office jobs on our website (Työpaikkapörssi).

*Joining the unemployment fund requires that you’re employed when joining Skillaand Akava Special Branches and click to join the fund in the membership application form. If you’re unsure of your fund membership status, you may check it on Akava Special Branches online service or with their member secretaries. More information here.

Personal benefits


Our Bachelor of Business Administartion members may use the title "BBA, HSO" (Tradenomi, HSO), which sets them apart from other BBAs and tells about the expert background of their degree programme.

Network of colleagues

We are more than a trade union: we are a network of colleagues. We share know-how and useful tips across professional and generational boundaries. Our member events provide a ground for life-long friendships to blossom.

Family law and inheritance advice

*In Finnish only* We advice and create documents in family law and inheritance matters, such as marital contracts and wills.

Trainings, recreation and company visits

We offer our members free, high-quality training on current work-related topics, wonderful recreational events, and member visits to interesting companies, hotels and restaurants.


As our member, you receive travel insurance, leisure accident insurance, professional liability and legal expenses insurance, and discounts on other insurances.

Member+ and other purchase benefits

As our member, you can take advantage of the Member+ service, from which you get deals on hotels, holiday apartments, specialty shops and much more. Danske Bank offers you e.g. cheaper mortgage.

Skilla member, order the Evento magazine for a special price

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Collective agreements

Akava Special Branches negotiates on its members' terms and conditions of employment and general increases directly and in cooperation with Akava's negotiating organisations. When you want the best possible working conditions for your industry, we recommend belonging in us.


We know what the workday of admin and office experts, assistants and secretaries consists of, and we promote your interests in society and at negotiating tables.

More information on Akava Special Branches member benefits