Skilla stipend

Skilla ry awards a stipend to 1–2 graduating student members in the spring and at Christmas.

The total amount of stipends awarded is a maximum of €500 per semester and a maximum of €300 per person. You can apply for a stipend for yourself or on behalf of another.

Skilla ry requires that the recipient of the stipend…

  • Is a member of Skilla ry at the time the stipend is awarded, and
  • Knows Skilla ry and has a positive attitude towards the trade union’s work, and
  • Has done something in their studies that the association may find of use (for example, a suitable thesis), and / or
  • Has been active and positive in the student community.

The application period for the Spring 2022 stipend is 2nd May through 31st May 2022.
The application period for the Autumn 2022 stipend is 2nd December through 12th December 2022 at 12.00. Please send your application to Skilla’s office to

You may apply for the stipend upon graduation or no later than 6 months after graduation; a spring graduate may still apply for the stipend at Christmas and vice versa.

Skilla’s board selects the stipend recipient(s) based on their applications. If there are no suitable candidates, Skilla ry may choose not to award the stipend.